Enrolment for community and leisure courses

You can apply and enrol online at any time of day, throughout the year.

How to contact us

If you need help, please contact our Admissions and Enrolment teams: 


Apply online using our  online application form

Need help enrolling? Contact the Enrolment Team 

What you need for online enrolment

It is important that you provide required documentation, evidence (proof of any benefits you are receiving) and payment details at your enrolment alongside residency information (where applicable) and photographic ID. You will be able to upload this documentation and set up payments via direct debit during your online enrolment. Help will be made available throughout the enrolment process via email and telephone. 

Residency information 

UK/EU/EEA Nationals 

  • Passport/ID Card/Driving Licence/NI Card 
  • Full birth certificate 

Non-UK/EU/EEA Nationals 

  • Passport/Visa/Residence Permit 
  • Asylum Registration Card, ASPEN Card and NASS Receipt 
  • Spouse/Family Members passport (if you came into the UK on a spouse/family member visa) 

If you do not have the correct certificates/residency information available to upload during your online enrolment, you will be asked to provide it. If this happens your enrolment record will be updated with a note and you will be asked to re-enter your online enrolment process to complete this stage in order to enrol. You cannot enrol without documentation/evidence or without paying your course fee/setting up a direct debit (if applicable). 


You can pay by debit/credit card online, or set-up a direct debit scheme. Tuition fees will be payable at the time of enrolment (or must be set-up via a payment scheme) unless you qualify for fee remission

Postal enrolment 

Contact Admissions via email at admissions@bradfordcollege.ac.uk, or call 01274 088088 (option 3) to request a postal enrolment form. 

Contact us about enrolments 

This page lists useful contact information for queries on enrolling. For more information on getting in touch with the college, visit our  general contact page

Need more help?

Our Admissions Team can help with application queries for courses and degree programmes. Email admissions@bradfordcollege.ac.uk 

Our Enrolment Team can help with enrolment queries for courses and degree programmes. Email information@bradfordcollege.ac.uk 


For queries about Apprenticeships, please contact our Admissions team (see above) or contact  our apprenticeship team

Contact us and apply

If you can’t find the subject you’re looking for, you can help to shape our courses for the future by contacting us.

Or if you’ve any other queries, we’re happy to help.

Call: 01274 088088 Email: information@bradfordcollege.ac.uk 

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