Brickwork Levels 2 Apprenticeship standard

Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to learn and train in your chosen career as well as earning a regular pay packet. You will be given first-hand experience and learn the major...
Starts: Sep 2020 • Full Time • Duration: One or two yearsSee full course description

Brickwork/Carpentry/Plastering NVQ Level 2 Diploma (EWPA)

These courses are designed for those already working within the Construction industry (for a minimum of five years for EWPA) who want to gain a recognised NVQ qualification at Level 2.   ...
Starts: Sep 2020 • Part Time • Duration: VariableSee full course description

Construction Level 2 – bricklaying – plaster – carpentry and joinery – plumbing

This is a Level 2 qualification that allows you to develop the skills and knowledge gained in Level 1. This will enable you to prepare for the transition to an apprenticeship.
Starts: Sep 2020 • Full TimeSee full course description

Trowel trades Level 1 Certificate – bricklaying – plaster (19+)

This is a Level 1 qualification that enables you to learn and develop practical skills that enable you to complete common tasks in bricklaying and plastering. It is mainly practical based with a sm...
Starts: Sep 2020 • Part TimeSee full course description