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Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) assessment-only programme

Study Level
University, Level 7, Postgraduate
Start Date
Lister Building


This route is designed for people with considerable school-based experience who wish to gain QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) without an academic award such as a PGCE. The intention is to certify the teaching of those already employed in schools, against the Teachers’ Standards.

Candidates must be working in a school in England and have experience of teaching the English National Curriculum across the phase in which they wish to qualify, early years, primary or secondary. In addition candidates need to have had experience in two different schools over two years, one of at least half a term in length. The candidate should be solely responsible for planning, delivering and assessment of students in their classes.

There is a specific application process and form for this programme so please do not complete any online application form. Please contact [email protected] or call 01274 088088.


  Key Info

Although this is a very demanding course it is expected that the percentage of students retained and achieving successful outcomes will be very high. Much of this is due to the extensive experience of the candidates and the high quality professional and personal support provided by tutors and school staff, factors which are consistently identified by our students as key strengths of the provision. Of particular note is the Candidate Profile and Individual Development Portfolio which require you to reflect on your personal and professional development and to set targets accordingly with the support of your mentor and link tutor. On this route the link tutor will also serve as your personal tutor.

Did you know? 

97% of our QTS students achieve ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ in their placements.

93% of our QTS students are employed in teaching roles within six months.

The normal minimum qualifications which enable students to be admitted to the course are as follows:

  • Successful completion of an Honours Degree in an applicable subject area, usually class 2:2  or above, awarded by a United Kingdom Higher Education institution with degree awarding powers, or equivalent qualification;
  • Grade C / Grade 4 at GCSE level in Mathematics and Science, Grade B / Grade 5  (preferred) at GCSE level in English;
  • Satisfactory health check;
  • Potential international students’ qualifications will be checked by NARIC for appropriate equivalency.

Students should also:

  • Be able to communicate clearly and accurately in spoken and written Standard English;
  • Have considerable, relevant school experience, determined on an individual basis and by how well they do at entry when considering the evidence portfolio of evidence against the Teachers’ Standards.

Students will be expected to undertake a literacy and numeracy audit (replacement of the professional skills tests from April 2020) to identify specific support and guidance, if any, is needed on developing these areas in line with expectations from the DfE.

In terms of assessment, all of the current Teachers’ Standards are assessed in one school placement and you must achieve a judgement of at least satisfactory to be recommended for QTS. Judgements of your attainment will be a joint decision between the school and Bradford College staff although the ultimate decision lies with the Bradford College Link Tutor. You will receive regular feedback to support you in meeting all the Teachers’ Standards.

Disclaimer: Our prospectus, college documents and website are simply here to offer a guide. We accept no liability for any inaccurate statements and are not responsible for any negative outcomes if you rely on an inaccurate statement. We reserve the right to withdraw any programmes or service at any time.

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