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Level 3 Diploma in Youth Work

Qualification Gained
Level 3 Diploma in Youth Work
Study Level
Adult, School Leavers, Level 3
18 months Part-time
Start Date
Study Mode
Lister Building


This course if covered by the National Skills Fund and students that are 19+ may be able to complete this course fully funded.

Are you working with young people and want to upskill yourself to become a part time professionally recognised youth worker?

This qualification opens up door to a range of employment opportunities working with young people in various settings such as youth centres, housing projects, substance abuse, PRUS, school work, case work, community resource workers, care homes to name just a few.

  Key Info

The Level 3 allows you explore how to manage groups, identifying and dealing with challenging behaviour, thinking of innovative projects to work with young people and empower them to make a difference. Youth Workers engage with young people on a voluntary basis so you need to keep it fun which is what this course aims to do. Taught in a dynamic and experiential way, you will gain the necessary skills to work with a wide range of people.

The Diploma allows you to explore additional units and build your confidence in the real world of youth work meaning that by the time you have finished you will have been able to experience and evidence a range of employment skills needed to secure a role in the sector.

There are a range of optional units that can be covered and these can be discussed with your tutor by areas of work include facilitating trips and residentials, managing a budget and effective outcome-based work with young people.

You have to be working or volunteering with young people for at least 2 hours per week to be eligible for the course.

Successful completion of this course can lead to progression to further study or employment in the Youth Work sector working with children and young adults.

This course is a Skills Guarantee course and therefore free for adults depending on salary and prior academic attainment.

This is representative of the most common fees scenario, but actual fees can vary depending on a number of factors. Please contact us if you need more guidance.

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