Course Overview

The NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Retail Operations aims to provide you with an introduction to the retail industry if you are new to, or seeking, employment in this area. You will develop an understanding of the different aspects of working in the retail sector, including more practical qualifications where your knowledge can be put into practice. This course is paper-based.

Course Structure

The course contains four assessments covering eight units:

Part A

Unit 1 - Understanding Customer Service in the Retail Sector:

  • Understand the effect of customer service on retail business
  • Understand how retail business find out about customers’ needs and preferences
  • Understand the importance to a retail business of customer service standards, policies and procedures
  • Understand how customer  complaints and problems are resolved in a retail business.

Unit 2 - Understanding the Retail Process:

  • Understand the five steps of the selling model
  • Understand how questions are used to identify customers’ needs
  • Understand the benefits and uses of product knowledge
  • Understand how sales are closed.

Part B

Unit 3 - Understanding How Individuals and Teams Contribute to the Effectiveness of a Retail Business:

  • Know the employment rights and responsibilities of an employee and the employer
  • Understand the importance and characteristics of effective teamwork in retail business
  • Understand the impact of effective communication skills when working in a retail team
  • Understand how the roles and responsibilities of retail teams relate to the structure and function of organisations
  • Understand how to improve personal performance.

Part C

Unit 4 - Understanding How a Retail Business Maintains Health and Safety on Its Premises:

  • Know the main provisions of health and safety legislation in relation to a retail business
  • Know what actions to take in an emergency
  • Understand the employees’ responsibilities in reporting hazards and accidents that typically occur on the premises of a retail business
  • Understand safe handling, storage and disposal
  • Understand safe working practices.

Part D

Unit 5 - Understand Retail Consumer Law:

  • Understand how consumer legislation protects the rights of customers
  • Know the main provisions for the protection of consumers from unfair trading practices, consumer credit legislation, data protection legislation in relation to retail and the law relating to the sale of licensed and age-restricted products
  • Understand the consequences for business and employees contravening  retail law.

Unit 6 - Understand How to Deal With Customer Queries and Complaints in a Retail Environment:

  • Understand how resolving customer queries and complaints contributes to customer loyalty and confidence
  • Understand how to deal with customer queries in a retail environment
  • Understand how to manage angry customers when dealing with customer’s queries and complaints in a retail environment.

Unit 7 - Understand the Handling of Customer Payments in Retail and Business:

  • Know the methods of payment accepted from retail customers
  • Understand the risks involved in handling payments
  • Understand the cashier’s responsibility for providing service at the payment point
  • Understand the cashier’s responsibilities when processing age-restricted goods at the payment point

Unit 8 - Understanding the Control, Receipt and Storage of Stock in a Retail Business:

  • Understand the importance of the right stock levels
  • Understand how goods are received on the premises of a retail business
  • Understand how stock should be stored to prevent damage or loss.

Entry Requirements

You can apply to undertake this course by registering your interest with your employer (eg your line manager, training and development or personnel department). Employers can then register you by completing a standard Booking Form (terms and conditions apply), which can be provided on request. You can register as an individual and are asked to email us. Induction onto the course can be done in groups, on request, at your place of employment or via post or email. Once enrolled on the course, paper-based students will receive their course material in the post via recorded delivery (unless these have already been received at a group induction).


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Course Fees

There are no fees for this course as the College has secured funding and has agreed to waive all fees. Therefore, there is no charge to either you or your employer.

Please note that when you enrol on this course, you will be expected to complete the programme of study within the allocated timescales. Should you not complete the course in full, you will be required to pay a fee to cover registration, administration fees and learning material costs.

How Will I Learn?

You must complete all assessments in the agreed timescales and submit these for marking by our team of qualified tutors. If your course is paper-based these are sent to us in the post or can be typed up and emailed. If you are studying online these are submitted electronically direct to your tutor.  Your tutor will then provide you with feedback along with advice and guidance to help you successfully complete the course.  There is also support available from the office team.

Upon successful completion of two assessments you will be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Retail Operations.


Benefits to you:


  • A clear understanding of responsibilities
  • Development of new skills
  • Recognition of existing skills
  • Opportunities to improve current service
  • Helps to progress your career
  • You will gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Advantages to your employer:

  • Staff feel more confident in their role
  • Staff are kept up to date with current policies, procedures and legislation
  • Staff gain a nationally recognised qualification.

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