Course Overview

If you have ever found yourself wondering what makes people tick or why people think, feel and behave the way they do; if you are interested in what motivates people or what is going on inside the brain; if you want to be inspired, moved and challenged; then Bradford College’s OCR GCSE Psychology course is for you.

Psychology will help you to understand different view points and explanations for a wide range of human behaviour.

It is a fantastic all round course that is useful for a wide range of careers including prison work, law, human resources, mental health, social services, the voluntary sector, business, education, working with children, sales and indeed any job which requires strong communication skills.

GCSE Psychology will encourage you to be inspired, moved and challenged. It follows a broad, satisfying and worthwhile course of study, allowing you to understand how our knowledge of Psychology can be applied in real life. It also gives insight into related sectors, such as science and sociology.


Course Structure

At GCSE level, you will study five key approaches which all have core studies attached to them.

The approaches are: Biological, Cognitive, Developmental and Social alongside Individual Differences. You will study Sex and Gender, Memory, Attachment, Obedience, Criminal Behaviour, Phobias, Criminal Behaviour, Perception, Cognitive Development, Non-verbal Communication and The Self.

You will also look at Research in Psychology and have the opportunity to conduct your own psychological research.

Entry Requirements

GCSE English/English Literature at a minimum of Grade D.

If you do not have these qualifications you may still be considered (this could be based on results of an initial English assessment)


English and/or Mathematics will be included in your timetable if you have not achieved a GCSE at Grade A*-C in these subjects when you commence your course.

How Will I Learn?

  • Through the use of guidance booklets for each area
  • Group sessions
  • One-to-one sessions.
  • A variety of activities including discussion and practicals.

Skills You Will Develop

  • Communication
  • Organisational
  • Time management
  • Social.


Any course in Psychology equips you with the skills to survive in the real world. It will give you a greater understanding of why humans behave the way that they do. It won't make it possible for you to read peoples' minds but it will give you an insight into what makes them tick.

Psychology gives you fantastic skills and insight which can help you personally and professionally. Psychology is everywhere. The knowledge understanding and skills you gain from psychology will help you in any career choice but particularly if you would like to work with people.

Expect Also To

  • Work with others
  • Prepare and give presentations
  • Work independently
  • Learn a whole new language - the language Psychologists use.

How You Will Be Assessed

  • End of section tests
  • Mock examinations
  • Written assignments
  • Three written examinations set by the OCR exam board at the end of the course.

There is no assessed coursework. 

Things You May Need

  • GCSE Psychiology course text book (details will be given following enrolment) 
  • To concentrate and engage in lessons 
  • To complete work on time and to the best of your ability 
  • To make sure you check your own understanding of the topics being studied and ask for help if needed.

Information, Advice and Support

Careers Guidance

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Student Finance

Money matters - you may be entitled to financial support whilst you study.
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Learning Support

Support for applicants with a learning difficulty, disability, illness or other learning need.
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For all other queries call 01274 088088

Tuition Fees

If you are aged 19+ and studying a Further Education Course at Bradford College, you may have to pay course fees. Course fees are dependent on the number of hours and which course is being taken. Actual costs can be obtained from our FE Registry team.
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