Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a coherent, integrated and in-depth approach to studying the media, enabling you to develop and apply your understanding of the media through both analysing and producing media products in relation to a detailed and comprehensive underpinning theoretical framework and a wide range of advanced theoretical approaches and theories.

You will gain a developed understanding of the key theoretical approaches, theories, issues and debates within the subject, enabling you to question and critically explore aspects of the media that may seem familiar and straightforward from your existing experience. The study of relevant social, cultural, political, economic and historical contexts will further enhance and deepen your understanding of the media, as you explore key influences on the products studied.


Course Structure

You will study a range of media forms – advertising and marketing, film marketing, magazines, music video, newspapers, online media, radio, television and video games through age appropriate products. You will also study additional media texts chosen by your tutor.

Collectively, the products studied will be:

  • Possess social, cultural and historical significance
  • Illustrate a range of products in terms of genre/style, form and audience
  • Represent different historical periods and global settings
  • Illustrate different industry contexts, including those outside the commercial mainstream
  • Include those aimed at, or produced by, minority groups
  • Reflect contemporary and emerging developments in the media
  • Provide rich opportunities for analysis and application of the theoretical framework detailed below
  • Include media products that will stimulate you and extend your experience of the media.

Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at a minimum of Grade C/4 including English Language and Mathematics.

Skills You Will Develop

This course will enable you to develop a range of skills required for both analysing and creating media products. In analysing media products, you will:

  • Analyse critically and compare how media products, including products outside the commercial mainstream, construct and communicate meanings through the interaction of media language and audience response
  • Use and reflect critically upon a range of complex theories of media studies and use specialist subject-specific terminology appropriately in a developed way
  • Debate critically key questions relating to the social, cultural, political and economic role of the media through discursive writing.

How You Will Be Assessed

Component One - Media Products, Industries and Audiences:

Written examination - 2 hours 15 minutes, 35% of qualification (90 marks)

Section A - Analysing Media Language and Representation

Section B - Understanding Media Industries and Audiences.


Component Two - Media Forms and Products in Depth:

Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes, 35% of qualification (90 marks)

Section A: Television in the Global Age

Section B: Magazines - Mainstream and Alternative Media

Section C: Media in the Online Age.


Component Three: Cross - Media Production:

30% of qualification, 60 marks (non-exam assessment: internally assessed and externally moderated by WJEC).

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