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Key details

Attendance Part-Time
Duration 1-2 days
Awarding Body BPEC
Level Further Education
Start Date 05/09/2022

Other start dates

Course overview

This is a British Plumbing Employers Council (BPEC) approved certification course.

You should have a good knowledge of plumbing systems.


A written examination will be taken at the end of the course.

Entry requirements

NVQ Level 2

A minimum of a Level 2 NVQ in Plumbing or five years’ experience in the installation of domestic and commercial plumbing systems.

Next steps

A plumber has the potential to earn anywhere between £12K and £40 per year. Career opportunities are available through large contractors and smaller specialist employers in the public and private sectors. You could also train to become your own boss and become self-employed. Our students benefit from local site visits and trips to construction companies, such as our award-winning local partner Priestley Construction. Our Careers Guidance Team can assist you with choosing the right course and thinking about where this might take you in the future. Email: Our Work Placements Team can assist you in finding a work placement which provides you with hands-on experience in the industry linked to your course. Tel: 01274 088 943 Email:

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Tuition fees

If you are aged 19+ and studying a Further Education Course at Bradford College, you may have to pay course fees.

The amount depends on the course and on the number of hours. Actual costs can be obtained from our team.


Student Finance

You may be entitled to financial support whilst you study. For more information, contact our Student Finance Team.

Tel: 01274 088 349 Email:

For information about our student services, please click here.

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