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Key details

Attendance Part-time
Duration 2 years
Code HNAB7001B
Awarding Body University of Bolton
Level Master of Arts
Start Date 05/09/2022

Course overview

Talk to the tutor before you apply, email to book a 1-2-1 call.

This course offers the opportunity to explore the boundaries of contemporary visual arts practice across a range of media for example: 2D/3D Media, Printmaking, Photographic Arts, Ceramics, Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Digital Arts and Critical Theory.

The context of your artistic practice will be within a broad Fine Art/Art and Design/Media framework. You can specialise in a particular media area or work across different media. The course content is student-centred and is based on your own proposal of study, which is updated and amended throughout the course.

You will be expected to develop your own independence in learning, particularly in terms of advanced research, creative experimentation, critical analysis and theorisation. The course is based on a high level of independent research, however, the modules are designed to create a supportive framework, and we provide a high level personal support and guidance through the course.

The self-initiated character of this course will equip you for a wide range of potential career pathways.

What you'll study

  • Studio Practice 1
  • Studio Practice 2
  • Critical Studies 1
  • Critical Studies 2
  • Integrated Project
    • Studio Practice 1
    • Studio Practice 2
    • Critical Studies 1
    • Critical Studies 2
    • Integrated Project

Entry requirements

Bachelor's degree
2:2 (or equivalent professional qualification)
Mature applicants are welcome. Applicants will be required to attend an interview at which they must present a 500 word proposal of study and, if they are applying for the practice route, they must also bring a portfolio of their work.

Student stories

Tuition fees

£1920 per 60 credits

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