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Key details

Attendance Full-time
Duration 1 year
Awarding Body AQA
Level GCSE
Start Date 05/09/2022

Course overview

This GCSE is available in Pathway 1 and 3 only.

Our one-year Psychology GCSE gives a flexible approach to learning.

The course is divided into topics, each covering different key concepts of Psychology.

The aims and objectives of the course and what you should aim to have achieved is:

  • use of specialist vocabulary, psychological concepts, terminology and convention to engage in the process of psychological enquiry
  • acquire knowledge and understanding of psychology, developing an understanding of self and others, and how psychological understanding can help to explain everyday social phenomena
  • understand how psychological research is conducted, including the role of scientific method and data analysis
  • be able to present information, develop arguments and draw conclusions through a critical approach to psychological evidence, developing as reflective thinkers
  • to have developed an understanding of the relationship between psychology and personal, moral, social and cultural issues, and developed an understanding of ethical issues in psychology
  • to have developed an understanding of psychological issues, the contribution of psychology to individual, social and cultural diversity, and how psychology contributes to society.


AQA’s GCSE Psychology consists of two exam papers that are externally assessed.
Each Paper is a 1 hour 45 minutes, 100 marks, 50% of total GCSE.

Each paper has 4 parts, section A, B, C & D.  Each section consists of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing, each section is equally weighted at 25 marks.

The following are what you will expect to be assessed on as part of each exam.

Paper 1: Cognition and behaviour

What's assessed

·         Memory

·         Perception

·         Development

·         Research methods

Students will be expected to draw on knowledge and understanding of the entire course of study to show a deeper understanding of these topics.

Paper 2: Social context and behaviour

What's assessed

  • Social influence
  • Language, thought and communication
  • Brain and neuropsychology
  • Psychological problems

Students will be expected to draw on knowledge and understanding of the entire course of study to show a deeper understanding of these topics.

Entry requirements

GCSE combined or separate sciences

Grade 3 (for Pathway 1)

GCSE English Language and Maths

Grade 3

English and maths will be included in your timetable if you have not achieved a GCSE at grade 4 or above in these subjects when you start your course. If you have achieved a Grade 4 but wish to improve your grade you will be able to as part of the GCSE Pathway programme.

Tuition fees

If you are 16 to 18 years old you won't have to pay tuition fees.

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