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BTEC First Award in Digital World

Qualification Gained
Pearson BTEC Level 2 First Award in Digital World
Study Level
School Leavers, Level 2
6 months Full-time
Start Date
January 2024
Study Mode


The internet and web of tomorrow will be even more powerful, more connected, more intuitive and a more important part of our lives. But how do websites work? How do emails reach your computer? How does the use of computer applications affect your daily life? Online systems and technology have become part of everyday work, so being able to understand and work with this technology is vital.

This course is an introduction to the modern online world.  You will investigate the technology and software that supports email, online data storage, collaborative software, search engines and blogging.

  Key Info

You will learn to understand the main technologies and processes behind the internet and investigate how they come together to let you view websites and send information across the world.

You will explore a range of digital devices, such as smart phones and digital music players and consider the technology that enables these devices to share and exchange information and how to do this safely and securely.

You will learn the rules of a programming language and how to write code to develop a successful program which creates opportunities for a varied, interesting, challenging and prosperous career that few other vocational sectors can match.

At the end of the course you will create a multi-media digital portfolio to showcase your projects, achievements and skills to potential employers or when applying for a higher level course.

To gain the full BTEC Level 2 First Award – Digital World, you need to study and achieve the required grade in the following 2 core and 1 specialist units:

Core Units:

  • The Online World
  • Digital Portfolio

Specialist Unit:

  • Software Development

Entry to this course requires GCSE English and GCSE Maths, as well as 1 other GCSE in preferably an ICT related subject or a Pass grade at level 1 OCR or BTEC.

To gain this qualification, candidates must successfully achieve the following assessments:

  • One externally examined unit, Online exam under exam conditions
  • One internally assessed unit, but externally moderated unit
  • One internally assessed and moderated units

With the skills you learn from this course you will be able to apply for employment as an IT support trainee, or progress to an advance course like OCR Cambridge Technical. Successful achievement of this course plus Maths and English at grade 4 or C and above will give you the entry requirements to apply for an OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 diploma in Networking and Systems support, Software Development or Business IT course.

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