The Northern Centre for Research into Art and Material Culture: Process/Philosophy and PraxisBradford School of Art

The Faculty of Art and Creative Industries at Bradford College following many decades of scholastic work have now inaugrated a new centre for Research named The Northern School for Research into Art and Material Culture. This title encompasses many of the themes of the School’s research but also connects the words ‘ Northern’ and ‘Material’ to the challenges of the current Social and Political climate.

With its origins formed within the textile industry, Bradford became a city of innovation and the birth place of the labour movement. At its heart was textile engineering and dyeing, visual design and enquiry, those within this flourishing industry gained training and support from Bradford Technical College.

Bradford School of Art was equally influential, during the 1960s and 70’s the Art School was involved in progressive cultural activities moving forward the socially progressive measures put in place after World War 2.

The proposed centre for research in the School of Art intends to ask some searching questions about a future progressive social agenda, geopolitics, the environment and our multi-symbolic life in a highly mediated and technicised environment. Bradford has been the place of these questions and continues to offer itself to be and the Art School is a key site against the entropic; it will be a centre of debate.

The Research Centre allows for pedagogical research within its scope of methodology along with social anthropology, art and material cultural analysis, theories and politics of representation, Marxist theory and Psychoanalysis along with attendant practice in a range of specialisms.