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Vision, Mission and Strategy

Vision, Mission and Strategy 

Bradford College is a strong college with a strong future.

Over the coming five years, we will be a dynamic contributor to the growth and vitality of the economy in the Bradford District, Leeds City Region and the UK, through excellence of training, education and student experience, and through fostering employability and enterprise. We will grow our international activity, welcoming students from overseas, working with international partners and preparing our students for the global employment market.

Our core purpose is to transform the lives of our students, through working with them and with our many partners in the UK and overseas to provide education, opportunity and positive outcomes.

Our strategy comes out of a process of reflection, consultation and preparation. We work with our students, staff, the Students’ Union and many other partners to achieve our goals.

Our vision and mission

The Bradford College mission:

  • To work together to create a better future for all through education, enterprise and employment.

Our vision for 2020 is to:

  • Deliver an outstanding student experience
  • Support employability, enterprise and innovation
  • Place people and communities at the centre of our values
  • Maintain a dynamic and sustainable college 
  • Grow our reputation and influence
  • Participate in the development of the Bradford College Group

Our values

Our values are the principles that guide the way we do things. They are based on consultation with staff, students and others.

Achievement: We are ambitious. We set high standards for the College and all its students and staff. We help people transform their lives through education, experience, support and inspiration.

Inclusion: We are an open, welcoming and supportive College. Our commitment to equality and diversity underpins everything we do. We build and sustain positive relationships with many communities.

Excellence: We aim for excellence in all our teaching, learning and assessment, and across our campus and facilities. We are innovative and creative in our outlook and approach, and encourage these qualities in our students.

Focus: We are professional and purposeful, working towards our shared strategic goals and managing our resources well. We are forward-looking, engaging with the wider social and economic environment.

Integrity: We work to uphold our values in our planning and decision-making, our teaching and learning, our actions and relationships. We aim to be fair, open, honest and accountable to the communities we serve and to treat all with respect. 



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