Reception desk at Bradford College

Results may be obtained from Bradford College on published results days. Paper copies will be posted on the day of their receipt by our office.


Certificates will be posted to you as soon as we receive them, and are sent to the address used when enrolling for the exam – this is usually about ten weeks after the results are published. Please inform us if you change address: Bradford College accepts no responsibility for posting to an incorrect address.

Post-results enquiries

Post Results Services are available to candidates who have not achieved the grade(s) that they expected. While exam boards do everything they can to ensure the results they issue are accurate and reliable, grades do sometimes change on enquiries made after results. You may wish to pursue an Enquiry About Results (EAR).

It is imperative that Bradford College have a written request before processing a request. You will also need to pay the appropriate fee before enquiries can be made on your behalf.

You must fully understand that your marks for a given assessment may change following an enquiry and this could result in subject grades being lowered or raised.

There are three EAR services available:

  1. Clerical checks
  2. Review of marking
  3. Access to scripts 

Fees depend on which EAR you select.

For more information please contact us and we can help explain what your results mean and what options are available to you. Please note that there are deadlines for making these requests and these deadlines are strictly applied.