David Hockney drawing of his brother paul

Accountant and Former Lord Mayor of Bradford, Paul Hockney lectured at Bradford Technical College from 1963 until 1966.

“I grew up in Hutton Terrace in Eccleshill and after attending Bradford Grammar School, I trained with accountants William Butterfield & Roberts in the centre of Bradford. I took all my exams and qualified as a Chartered Accountant while I was there, though I took a break in the middle to do National Service. In those days you had to study by correspondence course but when it was agreed that taught courses would be introduced I was interested in starting to teach.

Paul Hockney (far right) with accountancy students in Westbrook Building in 1965When I told my boss that I felt that my future was in teaching, since he was involved in the education side of the institute he was supportive as he said the profession needed good people going into teaching accountants. Before making a permanent move I tried out teaching by lecturing on evening classes at Bradford Technical College for a couple of years. I then taught during the day for another eighteen months before I moved to teach at Leeds.

My brother David had been a student at Bradford College of Art in the 1950s but he didn’t start getting recognition until the late 1960s. My classes were held in the Old Building and later in the new (Westbrook) Building. I mostly taught bookkeeping but I also did some Saturday morning classes forPaul teached a class June 65 Chartered Accountants. I remember it was a good place to work. Stanley Hall was in charge of the accountancy department and colleagues were Stanley Brewerton and Ken Beck. In 1966 I moved on to lecture on the foundation course for Chartered Accountants at Leeds where I taught for ten years.”

Paul later became a Liberal Councillor in Bradford, serving as Lord Mayor in 1977/8. His enthusiasm for promoting the city and his union jack socks are still warmly remembered.

We are most grateful to David Hockney Studio for allowing us to illustrate this tribute with David's drawing of Paul(Paul Hockney, 1" 2009. Inkjet Printed Computer Drawing on Paper. Edition: 12. 60 X 41"©David Hockney).