Bradford College is one of the largest Colleges in the UK, with multiple buildings in central Bradford, more than 20, 000 students and over 800 staff. Inevitably that creates a lot of waste – managing this well is one of the most important things we can do to reduce our impact on the environment.

The best way to cut down on the amount of waste we produce is not to create waste in the first place, and to recycle and re-use as much as we can. We are proud to have several strong initiatives in place.

IT recycling and disposal

IT equipment is recycled or sent to waste disposal in line with compliance demands and restrictions (WEEE – Waste and Electrical Equipment Directive). Old computers are crushed. Some equipment is given to charities, but software cannot be given away and must be destroyed. 

What you can do

We can all do things to reduce waste.

  • Think twice before you print a document out. Are you ready to print, have you checked for corrections? Do you really need to print? Have you set the printer to print both sides of the page?
  • Use the bins placed across the College. This saves staff a lot of time, and helps us recycle efficiently. In some parts of the College there are recycling bins, please use these whenever you can.
  • Throwing things away? Think about selling them, or giving them to a charity shop. There are inventive artists in the College who sometimes recycle objects into jewellery and other artefacts. Perhaps there is a home for those things you do not want…

For more information and to get involved

Contact our Facilities Management team on - email [email protected]