Our College is in the heart of diverse and lively city. We always welcome the opportunity to forge new relationships with the many communities that surround us, and to work with our community contacts.

These are just some of the ways in which local people and communities are welcomed to the College, and how we work together:

Local People and Visitors

  • Join us on our courses: many are run in community, and many are low cost or free of charge.
  • Enjoy the College facilities: whether is sports and fitness, hair and beauty, good food or art exhibitions – the College has lots on offer for local people.
  • Come to our activities and events: we run open days, family fun days, science festivals, lectures and debates, student shows, art and craft exhibitions and other events that are open to all.

Supporting Community Initiatives and Celebrating Bradford

  • The College is sometimes able to provide free premises, free printing and other support services to community groups and enterprises.
  • College staff are sometimes able to provide training to local youth and community services.
  • Students sometimes take up useful work placements with local community organisaitons and charities.
  • The College provides a free office for the charity Common Purpose – in return, Common Purpose provides free training to College staff.
  • We take part in local and regional festivals and events, such as the Saltaire and Aagrah Food Festival, the International Film Festival, the Animation Festival and the World Curry Festival
  • The College is the principal sponsor of the Bradford Animation Festival at the National Medial Museum and other occasional events.

Support for International and Overseas Initiatives

The College works to help build expertise, mostly in developing countries. This can include people attending Bradford College to build relevant skills, or College staff visiting other countries to share skills and knowledge and assist with curriculum development and implementation.

This can also lead to locally developed projects. The Vietnam Ophthalmic Technicians Dispensing Programme, for example, developed a new curriculum based on local needs for development of a  technician  training programme in Vietnam.

In 2011 the British Council in Vietnam selected Bradford College as an exemplar to showcase this project which was designed for vocational skills development in Vietnam. The project was showcased at the British  Council Going Global Conference in the UK.

Building Community Safety

Photo of young Bradfordians speaking out.

In addition to the kinds of initiatives outlined above, we work closely with local agencies and communities to help make the City a safe environment for students, local people, staff and visitors. Our initiatives include:

Community Safety Partnership Group

The College is an active member of  multi-agency partnership, the Bradford Community Safety Partnership, which works to promote student safety within the community. The group is chaired by West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Metropolitan District Council and includes community partners such as the West Yorkshire Police Neighbourhood Policing Team, City of Bradford Council and the College and University Students’ Unions.

For more information and to get involved

Contact our Facilities Office on 01274 438887.