Our College is in the centre of Bradford, and our buildings range from listed Victorian buildings to state of the art sports facilities. We are working to maintain these in ways that minimise negative impact, and help create a diverse environment where people can study, work and relax.

In order to measure where we are at and the progress we make, the College completed the Business in the Community Yorkshire and Humber Environmental Index, and we repeated this exercise in 2012.

We are busy building a new main College building, and environmental issues have been factored in from the outset.

The College is running an allotment project called Time to Grow. The aim is to involve staff and students in growing vegetables, ensuring these are used in the College catering classes and College cafes.

The Students' Union is promoting the opportunity to cook and eat fresh organic food as ‘Time to Grow’, a weekly environmental activity for anyone. In the last year, support has come from Bradford College, Local Food, National Union of Students, the National Lottery and Student Eats.

Nature Garden and Plant Boxes

A nature garden is being developed at the back of Lister Building with involvement from staff volunteers. A grant of £900 from the Lottery enabled us to clear away rubbish and plant wild flowers. The curators have put up boxes of herbs. Once our new building is completed, we are looking forward to building the biodiversity of the College environment, for everyone to enjoy.

Carbon Reduction

The College working with the Carbon Trust, a world-leading organisation helping businesses, governments and the public sector to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy.  Our goal is to reduce our carbon emissions. Our Estates Department is in charge of this area. They keep us on track by measuring regularly our energy consumption and costs or water consumption, waste and recycling.

Lowering Electricity Use

Its down to all of us to switch off lights, computers and other appliances, or put them in sleep mode. But we are also taking action across the College. An auto power save system ensures that power is down overnight across the College. Some departments are working to reduce the use of paper – this would have the additional result of fewer printers in the College, thereby lowering emissions and costs related to electricity and ink.

We are also experimenting with other sources of power: there are solar panels on Lister Building and we have trying out wind power on a small scale.