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Bradford College Policies

The College develops and approves policies and frameworks to help us achieve our goals. We also monitor and review our policies, making adjustments where necessary.

Key policies

The College Charter exists to inform students of your responsibilities and entitlements as a student. Bradford College wants all students to be successful and have a rewarding time when they are with us. The College Charter outlines what you should expect as a student and what we expect from you.

The College also produces a College Requirements of Students which sets out a code of conduct for students.

Our strategy and mission sets out our values, our five year plan and objectives.

See the pages about the College Corporation for information about our governance structure.

For information about academic regulations for HE students, please see the University Centre Academic Regulations page. We also have a page dedicated to HE related policies and procedures.


Details and information on the protection for all learners and staff are contained within our Safeguarding Policy & Procedures.

Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Our Data protection policy details what information we can gather and hold, and ensures confidentiality, security and compliance with the law.

Our Freedom of Information policy sets out the types of information we routinely make available, and the webpage has a list of some of the key documents that can be downloaded from our website.

For more information relating to Freedom of Information, please contact the Clerk:

Website policies

See our cookies notice, privacy statement and site help for information about our website policy.

Contact the college Webmaster if you have any website-related queries via email using [email protected]. Please note this address should not be used to make enquiries relating to courses and admissions.


We welcome comments, queries and, of course, praise. We also need to know if something goes wrong or there is room for improvement. See Feedback and comments for information about the different ways we encourage or request input from students, staff and others, and for an outline of our complaints procedure.