How Bradford College is governed

Since Colleges were first incorporated by the Government in 1993, through the Further and Higher Education Act, Bradford College has been fully responsible for its own management and administration.

Under this arrangement the Principal and senior management team report to a Governing Body (also referred to as the Corporation).  The Corporation is made up of representatives from: local business and local communities.  It also includes some staff and student members.

Broadly speaking Governors/Corporation members are responsible for:

  • Approving, reviewing and monitoring the educational character and mission of the College, its services and academic activities
  • Formulating and monitoring the medium and long term strategy of the College
  • Assuring the overall ethos of the College and how it conducts its business
  • Ensuring the College’s financial solvency

This is achieved through a comprehensive committee structure which encompasses all aspects of College life and experience.

The nature of a Governing Body/Corporation is similar to that of a Board of Directors of a Private Company. However a major distinction is Governors/ Corporation members are unpaid.  They give their time and service freely to the College.