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How do I join the library?

As a Bradford College student you do not need to join the library.   Your Bradford College ID card acts as a library card.

If you are a member of staff at Bradford College you will need to register with the library. Please come to the library counter or speak to a member of the library staff.

How do I borrow books?

  • You can borrow books from any of the College Libraries if you have your Bradford College ID card.
  • You can take books out at the self-service machines or at the library counter.
  • Borrowers are encouraged to use the self-service machines to borrow and return books.

How long can I borrow a book for?

  • Standard loans are for 3 weeks.
  • Books with a yellow spine label are for 1 week.
  • Books with a blue spine label are for 2 days.
  • There are also short loan items available for 3 hours from the library counter.
  • School Services books, at McMillan Library, are issued for 1 term.

How many books can I take out?


Standard and
Week Loan

Short Loan

2-Day Loan

School Service












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How do I access 'my account'?

  • Click on the ‘my account’ tab at the top of the Library Catalogue page
  • Enter your I.D. number (this is on your Bradford College I.D. card)
  • Enter your PIN number.  This will be 1234 unless you have changed it.
  • Click on ‘Logon’ you will now be able to see the items you have on loan.

How do I get e-mail reminders?

We will send you three email reminders about the books you have on loan. The first is sent two days before a book is due back, then a second is sent the first day a book is overdue and then the third when a book is a week overdue, or 3 days overdue for short loans.

Email reminders are automatically sent to your student email address.  To set up your college email address, please click on the link from the Student Portal. Alternatively, come into the Learning Resource Centres and we can help you set up your account.

It is possible to set up a forwarding rule from your student email account, so any emails received will be sent to an address of your choice.

If you are a member of staff or do not have a student email account and wish to receive library emails, please use the form in the Library News section of the Library Catalogue or email us at

Email notices are a courtesy service. We cannot guarantee delivery of these automated notices. Non-receipt of an email reminder does not exempt you from overdue fines. You are still responsible for ensuring items are returned or renewed on time.
If you have any problems, please call one of the library counters on 01274 433330 or 01274 433331. 

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How do I renew my library books?

You can renew your library books as long as no one else has requested them.  You can renew a week loan for an extra week or standard loans for three more weeks, at a time.

Please note: you cannot renew 2-day loans or short loans.

Remember: You must renew or return your books before they are overdue. If books reach twenty one days overdue, or a week for inter-library loans or short loans, you will be prevented from any further use of library services; this includes any further borrowing or renewing of books or the use of library study rooms or computers. 

You can renew:

  • 24 hours a day online by accessing ‘my account’ on the Library Catalogue.
  • Using a self -service machine during library opening hours
  • In person or by telephone at the library counter during library opening hours

Most of the time you do not need to bring your books into the Library to renew them – you just need your Bradford College I.D. card. After you have renewed your books ten times we ask that the books be brought back into the library before we will renew them.

Do you charge fines?

Fines are charged on all overdue books/items:

Standard/School Services Library Loans

10p a day

Week  Loans 

30p a day

2 day/Inter-Library Loans

40p a day

Short loans

20p an hour


20p for first hour, 30p for each hour subsequently   

Study rooms 

50p an hour 

Once your fines reach £5, you will be prevented from borrowing books, netbooks and using the study rooms.  You can pay your fines at any library counter or self-service machine.  If your fine reaches £30, in addition to the above, you will also be suspended from using library computers. 

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How do I find books in the library?

The Library Catalogue lists all the books, e-books, journal titles and DVDs that are available in the library.  You can search our catalogue using an author’s name, an item’s title, a subject keyword or a mixture of these.

Type the details of the item you are looking for in the catalogue search box and then click on search.  This will then show you all the details of the items that match your search, you can narrow down your results by using the Location, Format, Subject, Year or Author facets on the left side of the page.

Once you have found an item you want, click on Check Availability on the right side of the page to show you the site where the book is held, the shelf mark, loan type and availability. Click on the item’s title to see all the information about it.

Make a note of the shelfmark (classification number), including the three letters that follow it, of the book and look for the shelfmark on signs around the Library to find the right shelf.

For journals click on show library holdings to find out where they are held.

E-books can be accessed by clicking the link shown.

Instructions for using the Library Catalogue can be found through the Help tab at the top of the Library Catalogue page. If you need any further help please contact a member of staff at the Library.

How do I reserve a book that is out on loan?

You can reserve a book that is out on loan by using our Library Catalogue. First look for the book that you want to borrow as normal and then click on either the Check Availability button or the item’s title.  This will show you all the book’s details including if and where it is available for loan.

If it is not available a Reserve this item button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on this button and you will be asked to login to your Library account using your College number and Library Pin. You will then be asked to choose a Library to collect the book from. This must be a Library that holds a copy of the book. Once you have chosen a library, click on the Reserve button and you will be told that you have successfully placed the reservation.

Once the book has been returned, we will hold the book at its home site. You will receive an automatic notification to your college e-mail saying your reservation is waiting for collection. We will hold your reservation for seven days, after which it will go back onto the shelf.  If the book is to be collected from Appleton, Bolton Royd or Trinity Green please collect it from the counter, if it to be collected from Grove or McMillan please collect it from the shelves near the self-service machines.

If you no longer require a reserved book, log into your library account and select the reservation you wish to cancel, and click on the cancel reservation button.  Confirm the cancellation to finish. Please note you cannot cancel a reservation online if it is already awaiting collection. Please see a member of Library staff, and they will cancel your reservation.


Can I borrow a book or journal article which is not available in the library?

If the book or journal article that you require is not available in the library, it is possible to order a copy for you using our Inter-library loan service.  This is where we ask another library to provide a copy of the book for you to borrow or a photocopy of a journal article that you can keep.

To request an inter-library loan please fill in the relevant form giving us your details and those of the item you need. These forms can be found either at a library counter or online in the related documents section of this page. There are two online versions of the form, a Word document where you can type in your details and then print out the form or a PDF version which you can print out before filling in your details. Once the form is completed please hand it in at any library counter.

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How do I check what books I have on loan?

You can check your library account on the self-service machine:

  • At the self-service machine please press “Your Account” on screen.
  • Insert your Bradford College I.D. card into the machine (Barcode first and facing up)
  • Enter your PIN number.  This will be 1234 unless you have changed it.
  • Your account window will show all the items on your account, their due dates and any outstanding charges.
  • Press Finish
  • You will then be asked if you would like a receipt.
  • Press “Yes With Receipt”
  •  A receipt is then dispensed with all your account details.

You can also see what you have on loan, by visiting the Library Catalogue and logging on to ‘my account'.

Can I use computers in the Library?

All Learning Resource Centres and Libraries have a drop-in computer area for student use. You will need your Bradford College student I.D. number to set up your own password and use the PCs. You can access the Internet, MS Office and other applications, and print your documents. You will also have access to your SkyDrive and Web eMail account where you can access your college email and save your work.

How can I make sure a computer is available when I need it?

We use MyPC, a computer management system that allows you to book online for a time that suits you.

If you are on campus and would like to book a computer please book here.

If you are off campus and would like to book a computer please book here.

Please log in using your normal College Username and Password.

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How do I print from a College computer?

When you send something to print you can pick it up from any printer on campus.  Every student receives an initial amount of free credits for printing. After this you will have to top-up your print account.  Instructions for using the printers are available on each machine.

How do I top up my print account?

You can top-up your print account at Westbrook, Trinity Green, Grove Library and McMillan, using self-service top-up machines.

Can I use my own laptop in the library?

Yes you can. The College has a Wireless Network. 
Your equipment should be fully charged, as Health and Safety rules do not allow you to use our electrical service and do not allow you to use our wired network system unless your laptop has been PAT tested. Please ask at the library counter. Instructions on how to configure you laptop for our WIRELESS network are available on request at the library counter or on the Student Intranet.

Do you keep past dissertations?

The library holds student dissertations submitted for some degree programmes.  Please ask at the library counter for details on accessing these.

Who is the librarian for my subject area?

Do you need help with your assignment or dissertation? Your subject librarian or Academic Liaison Librarian can help you to: find books and journal articles for your assignment; use the electronic resources; reference your assignement or dissertation correctly . You can book a one to one session by email or telephone, check out Contact a Librarian to find the librarian for yoursubject.

 For help with more general enquiries email

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Are there any quiet study areas in the library?

The library is a quiet study area.  We have group study rooms, some with presentation equipment.  Silent study rooms can be used as long as required.  You will need a pass to use some of these areas, please ask at the library counter for details.

What happens if I am ill?

If at all possible please let us know by phone so that we can renew your books for you,

or visit the Library Catalogue and renew them using ‘my account’.

If you are not able to visit the library, when you return to college please bring either a letter from your tutor on official College paper or a copy of a sick note, INCLUDING DATES OF ABSENCE, to show us, to confirm your illness.

Can I use Leeds Met Library?

Students of Bradford College can apply to become a guest user of Leeds Met. through the FE College Partnerships scheme.  Students should be studying on the second or third year of a  degree course validated by Leeds Met.  For more information please go to the Leeds Met website.

Application forms can be picked up at the Counter of one of the College's Library and Learning Resource Centres or downloaded from the Leeds Met website.  The completed form should be signed by a College tutor and include a passport photo.

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